Education Department


Edify the body of Christ through teaching Christian knowledge, ethics, and principles. To oversee and maintain all areas of the church that requires Christian teachers.

Sunday School:

This organization seeks to teach all, regardless of age, with Biblical truth and principles so that they may become complete in their character and be equipped for Christian living and service (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Sunday School is held regularly on Sunday mornings.

Class Assignments: Pre-School/Elementary Class;  Middle School Class ; High School Class; Adult Class:

New Members Class:

All members who join Word of Life Tabernacle Church will go through at least a four week orientation period before joining the above classes.

Bible Study:

This organization seeks to teach all, regardless of age, or church affliation the Biblical truth of God's Word (2 Timothy 2:15). Bible study is taught every Thursday night.

Wisdom of Life Library:

This library functions as an extension of the teaching of God's Word through kingdom principles. Members and non-members may check out books, videos, magazines, or cassettes. The material in the library is to enhance our knowledge in the word of God. Wisdom of Life Library sponsors a reading scholarship program for all school aged members.

Scholarship/Honor Roll:

This committee functions to develop, organize, and implement programs that award academic excellence either through scholarships for furthur academic advancement or recognition of outstanding academic achievements

Tutorial Program:

This program is designed to assist students in academic areas where they may be deficient or desire additional help. This program will be based upon needs. This group will meet once per week.


This program is designed to introduce valuable information about how to enjoy our everyday living. Teaching Christians to live a victorious, prosperous, and peaceful life. To provide information that will enhance every area of our lives: spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, etc.

Career Development:

Designed to offer support and knowledge to individuals concerning career advancement or enhancement.

Financial Planning:

Programs designed to teach Christians Biblical principles for wealth and money management.

Computer Ministry:

Composed of members who seek to advance the vision of God through the use of computers. This group will enhance the effectiveness of church growth.