Praise and Worship Ministry 


Magnifying the Lord, our God through praise and worship activities and functions. The ministries in this component seek to assist those coming to worship and praise the Lord. Teaching others how to slip beyond the veil into the presence of God.


This group is responsible for showing the love of Jesus Christ to every visitor to the House of God. This is accomplished through smiles, hugs, and encouraging words.

Altar Workers:

This group is responsible for assisting the Pastor with prayer, deliverance, breakthroughs and maintaining order within the church services.

Drama/Puppet Ministry:

This group spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ using theatrical means. Puppets, props, music, and other materials are used to enhance the message.

Rappers For Christ

This is a group of young people that uplift the word of God through rapping that brings glory to Jesus Christ.

Band of Praise

A group of musicians anointed by God to enhance the praise and worship service with instruments of music. This group should attend all practices in which they will play music for our different choirs.